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World Distribution Center

Land, Ocean, Sea and Information Reporting.
One of the world’s largest distribution centers.

World Distribution Center
World Distribution Center

World Distribution Center facilities have one story below ground, and 5 stories above. The total length is 460 meters long, 100 meters wide, with a total floor area of 219,800 square meters. 900 automobiles can fit on the upper level parking areas. We operate 2 of the 5 story buildings, each having 9,372 square meters of floor space for 18,774 square meters total. We offer total door to door service, providing handling, separation and sorting, storage and delivery. We also have 3 floors of one our buildings dedicated to temperature controlled storage, where we handle mainly grain and imported wines and beers, etc. We operate a 3712 square meter facility at the adjacent Aomi Terminal too.

World Distribution Center and Aomi Distribution Center are in Tokyo, the most advanced trade port in the world. We are working with the Port of Tokyo, Aomi Container Terminal and Tokyo Customs, as well as Narita International Airport located 70 km from here, making us the center for one of the largest total distribution networks in the world.

Also, we are located next to Tokyo International Exhibition Hall, where the latest technology was used to develop a facility that houses the leading technological advances in fashion design, industry, and culture.

World Distribution Center
2-17, Aomi 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
World Distribution Center
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