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Yatomi Packing Service Site

Global Standard Warehouse ? Industry Top Capacity 60 ton overhead crane ? World Class Crating Facility comes to Yatomi Pier.

Yatomi Packing Service Site

The Yatomi Packing Service Site was completed in May of 2008, built on our experience of handling all kinds of cargo to the far corners of the earth.

In the centerpiece of our 3-Way System is an industry leading 60 ton crane, and a total of 6 cranes to handle all kinds of specific cargo handling requirements.

With over 10 shipping/receiving doors we have constructed this facility with fast, efficient operation in mind.

On both sides of our crating facility are large roofed over operation areas where we can work on or store your valuable cargo without worrying about rain or other weather conditions.

Yatomi Packing Service Site
65-8, Kusunoki 2-chome, Yatomi City, Aichi Pref. 498-0066
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Roofed operating area
60/10 ton overhead ceiling crane
1 unit
30/10 ton overhead ceiling crane
3 units
20/5 ton overhead ceiling crane
2 units
2.8 ton overhead ceiling crane
1 unit
Generation of electricity by solar power
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