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Import Dept.

Pioneering new lines of business!

Team Ⅰ of the Business Sales Section is responsible for handling staple foods, general food commodities, main and supplementary feed ingredients, fertilizers, plants, enzymes and other products which play an intrinsic role in our lives as well as biomass fuels used by state of the art power plants and natural mineral products widely used in pet supplies, cosmetics, paints, and casting, etc.
Our team handles the entire process including everything from the chartering of oceangoing and coastal vessels, the loading and unloading of cargo, the handling and storage of goods in bonded warehouses and commercial warehouses right through to the delivery of goods to the designated destination by coastal vessel, truck or dump truck. Not only that, we also crush, pack and blend products if and as needed.

Team Ⅱ of the Business Sales Section handles the import and export of products including coal, coke, ferroalloys, aluminum ingots, household goods, castings, equipment and machinery as well as the shipment of steel scrap, waste paper, wood chips and soil. We operate a seamless system in which we handle everything from stevedoring, longshore cargo handling, warehouse loading and unloading, transporting of containers, import/export customs clearance procedures as well as various other trade-related operations.
Our Team covers not only the transport needs of our customers but the proper disposal and/or handling of their industrial waste as well. We've built waste disposal center in Nagoya with a goal of recycling industrial waste through material recycling and auxiliary fuel recycling at a cement factory we have partnered with.

The Customs Brokerage Section specializes in Custom's entry and documentation is online with NACCS (Nippon Automated Cargo Clearance System). When inspections are carried out on import goods by Customs officers, our people also attend the inspection at the designated site. With our in-house computer system that can search by commodity, we can offer shorter lead times for customs clearance based on our experience and results.

7-40, Irifune 1-chome, Minato-ku, Nagoya City 455-0032 Japan
Team Ⅰ of the Business Sales Section
Team Ⅱ of the Business Sales Section
Customs Brokerage Section
Tomeiko Service Site
Flat floor silo, General warehouse:Main and supplementary feed ingredients, Fertilizers, General food commodities
Multi Purpose Service Site
Freezing, Refrigerant, Constant temperature, General warehouse, Fumigation warehouse:Staple foods, General food commodities, Plants, Enzymes
Toyohashi Branch
Production and Processing Facility, General warehouse:Biomass fuel, Natural mineral products)
Sorami Service Site (Sorami Recycle Center)
Storage of imports and exports and domestic freight
Plastics and sludge recycling facility
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