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Our Business

We receive a wide variety of goods from our customers, and we have built our storage facilities with their logistic needs in mind. We answer the diverse needs of our clients with multipurpose warehouses in major port cities, silos, steel warehouses, frozen, chilled, and temperature-controlled warehouses, container yards, van pools, and motor pools in Japan, and warehouses for heavyweight cargo in Thailand, Indonesia, and Mexico, along with multipurpose warehouses in a variety of areas in China.

Recently we have started 3rd Party Logistic services (3PL), carrying out inspections, labeling, unpacking, sampling, and pick-and-pack services, working with our customers as a single unit to form a seamless logistics system.

  • Safety and quality are our motto at warehouses equipped to handle heavy items.
  • Offering storage facilities to meet the requirements of various products, along with transport services carefully preserving product quality.
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