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Bringing total seamless service to the world as international logistics experts

At Isewan Terminal Service Co., Ltd., we have enjoyed half a century of client trust as a key Nagoya harbor transportation enterprise offering a variety of cargo services by land and sea supporting the logistical framework sustaining Japan’s economic sphere. In recent years, the powerful Japanese economy has become a remarkable force on the broader global stage.
Anticipating the changing times, we are taking the initiative in shedding conventional roles as a port transportation provider. We are proactively investing in efforts to provide seamless tangible and intangible international transport services. At present, we have subsidiaries in the US, Europe, China, and Asia, with an air freight division expanding our business sphere to encompass land, sea, and air, as we make every effort to position ourselves to respond to diverse client needs as a global carrier linking the world.
As the entire company unites in expanding and strengthening our corporate foundation, we will continue making every effort to deliver clients’ valued cargo with greater speed, economy, and reliability. We look forward to the continued support of our customers.

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