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Yatomi Logistics Center

May of 2008 sees the establishment of a total service distribution center that handles oversize cargo as well.

Yatomi Logistics Center

This facility contributes to the local community by using solar power based electrical energy which does not emit any CO2 gases into the environment.

Our customer’s valuable cargo is protected by 18 operational cameras and a perimeter infrared fence with combination sensors and over 166 open/shut sensors, all controlled in a centralized location. This is indeed a facility where cargo is stored safely and securely.

With 2 roofed operating areas, we don’t have to depend on weather conditions when making our work schedules, and our customer don’t have to worry about rain on their important cargo.

Inside the warehouse, we operate a 60 ton crane, the largest in the industry. This 3-way crane system is comprised of one 60/10 ton crane, three 30/10 ton cranes, and two 20/5 ton cranes, ready to handle all kinds of specific handling requirements.

Yatomi Logistics Center
65-8, Kusunoki 2-chome, Yatomi City, Aichi Pref. 498-0066
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Roofed operating area
60/10 ton overhead ceiling crane
1 unit
30/10 ton overhead ceiling crane
3 units
20/5 ton overhead ceiling crane
2 units
2.8 ton overhead ceiling crane
1 unit
Generation of electricity by solar power
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