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China Business Promotion Team /
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China Business Promotion Team started in April of 2007. China Business Promotion Team is the central contact point for all our China operations, including our subsidiary in Hong Kong. An information center as well as a problem solver, China Business Promotion Team advises our China offices on operational matters and offers support to Isewan staff stationed overseas.

China Business Promotion Team also fields questions and sales leads from Isewan sales divisions inside Japan and directs them to the proper overseas offices.
Chinese government and society are changing at a startling pace, and China Business Promotion Team also focuses on keeping abreast of new laws and regulations. Through seminars, industry publications and other information resources, this team specializes in providing accurate, up to the minute information on China.

As part of our oversea strategy, Isewan owns and operates distribution centers with major heavy lift capabilities in Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico.
The Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico Business Promotion Teams exist independently to support the overseas branches operation and administration from our headquarters, using knowledge and experience of each country’s unique aspects, rules and customs.

Europe Business Promotion Team bears, as a support desk in Japan, a function which draws up and carries out management policy and sales strategy of our European establishment ISEWAN EUROPE GmbH.
Since its founding in 1989 ISEWAN EUROPE GmbH is offering international and domestic transport services to our valued customers by experienced Japanese and local staff with its headquarters in Germany and branch offices in Belgium and Russia.

Providing a direct line of communication between management and each overseas office, the teams also work directly with the offices to aggressively pursue NEXT business opportunities in the rapidly expanding markets of Southeast Asia and Latin America, Europe.

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China Business Promotion Team
Thailand Business Promotion Team
Indonesia Business Promotion Team
Mexico Business Promotion Team
Europe Business Promotion Team
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