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Nabeta Pier Container Terminal

At the forefront of ISEWAN’s container operations.

We opened T-1 in April of 1997, the first berth ever to be independently operated by a port company in Japan.

Since then, container vessel size and import/export cargo volume has continued to increase, requiring an ever higher standard for container terminals. In 2000, the second berth (T-2) was completed, and in April of 2001, eight port transport companies (now nine) entered a joint investment to create the Nagoya United Container Terminal Co., Ltd., a management oversight firm, under which the third berth (T-3) was completed and opened for operations in 2012.

The container terminal handles vessels travelling routes to and from China, Korea and Taiwan, and handles approximately 43% of Nagoya Port's total cargo volume of 2,600,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit).

As a gateway for ever increasing cargo from China, and as the first terminal built with the capability to handle these increasing volumes, we are a very convenient choice for our clients looking for the latest in terminal technology and service.

Nabeta Pier Container Terminal
1, Tomihama 5-chome, Yatomi City, Aichi Pref. 498-0069
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