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Sorami Service Site (Sorami Recycle Center)

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Sorami Service Site (Sorami Recycle Center)

Today’s businesses pay close attention to legal disposal of industrial waste. To what extent a company considers their interaction with our environment has become a powerful part of the company’s strategy.

In regards to this, we have begun supporting industries in their handling of industrial wastes by establishing industrial waste handling and plastic recycling facilities which perform intermediate processing services. Intermediate processing means that we take the waste and form it to a shape that the end user requires. At our facility we can have established a line that can crush, granulate and pressure pack industrial waste and plastics.

Industrial waste materials processed at our facility can be Materials from our facility is reused as material product or fuel for heat. We have obtained ISO14001 status for our environmental management system, and we stress compliance with all laws and regulations. The 21st century is the time to respect and care for our environment, and we offer transportation and waste management as a package service for our customers in this age.

Sorami Service Site (Sorami Recycle Center)
17, Sorami-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya City 455-0847
Import Dept. Import Section Resource Recycling Team
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Yard Space
Warehouse Space
Double Spindle Crusher/Pressure Packing Machine
(32 tons per day output)
Single Spindle Granulator-Washing Machine
(40 ton per day output)
Single Spindle Crusher with Magnetic Separator
(24 ton per day output)
Dirt mixture machine
50 ton electric truck scale
1 unit
Industrial waste handling permission article
The middle processing(Crushing): Waste plastics,Wastepaper,Tree rubbish,Fiber rubbish,Metallic rubbish
The middle processing(Crushing・Compression packing): Waste plastics,Wastepaper,Tree rubbish,Fiber rubbish,Metallic rubbish
The middle processing(Crushing・Selection): Waste plastics,Fiber rubbish,Metallic rubbish
The middle processing(Mixture): Cinder,Dirt,Waste plastics,Wastepaper,Tree rubbish,Fiber rubbish,Ore dice,Soot
Environmental management system international standard ISO14001 certification
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