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Our Business
Customs Brokerage
Customs specialists
with collective analytic capabilities

We handle all customs clearance procedures for both domestic and international transport. Since the repeated outbreak of terrorism in the U.S., we have seen the conflicting need for smooth trade and heightened security.

We have seven domestic customs clearance offices and, on June 18, 2010, became certified by Nagoya Customs as customs brokers with an approved cargo security management and compliance system. This is expected to cut lead time for import/export cargo, as we utilize business tools such as personal computers for each employee featuring an internal product search system and other high-level functions, as well as our wealth of experience, to help support client logistics.

  • Required export/import information is entered via the NACCS System and reported to customs.
    ※NACCS・・・Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System
  • Our group of specialists are certified by national and customs-related organizations, making them highly qualified to handle submissions to customs.
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